Logotype for La Polaca's collection "transicion". Based on geometric forms in white ceramic and gold pieces.

Federica Formenti. 

Logotype for Federica Formenti, project manager focused on education and design. Click here for more information on her project.

Genesal Energy.
2014 - Project done for Ultramarina

Redesigning of the brand Genesal Energy. Company specialized in engineering, manufacturing and power generators. Click here to watch a video on their project.

Amor en Polaco. 

Logotype for La Polaca's collection "amor en polaco", ceramic and costume jewelry mixing white ceramic and gold.

Focus on Woman.

The redesigning of a travel agency focused on women. Each trip is a new experience and an unforgettable journey.

Mayúscula Brands - 2014

Online design and decoration store, that focuses on flash sales. Project developed under the creative direction of Rocio Martinavarro.

La Lanzadera.
Sublima Comunicación - 2013

Logotype for a Cultural Asossiation in Murcia which promotes new creative and cultural oriented projects. 

Sublima Comunicación - 2013

Identity for a property appraisal partnership. They work on an online platform to increase their productivity.

F33 - 2011

Logotype for a Gourmet wine shop. Bouquet is the scent the wine develops during its aging.

ESD Murcia. 
En colaboración con Andrés Guerrero - 2011

Logotype proposal for the ESD School of Murcia. The brand tries to express the diversity of the people that attend ESD.

Sol Bikes.
Sublima Comunicación - 2011

Logotype for an electric/intelligent bike  shop with a assisted pedal system.

Sublima Comunicación - 2011

Symbol for a corporation of  lawyers  specialized in debt collection.

La Fábrica de Alicante.
F33 - 2011

Stamp for "La Fabrica de Alicante", a book about the history of the tobacco factory in the city.

Cartuja Relead. 
Sublima Comunicación - 2011

Logotype for a recycling company that specializes in automotive residue.

F33 - 2009

Symbol that represents the union of three companies for a forest extinction, prevention and conservation project.

Hospital Universitario de Cartagena. 
F33 - 2010

Symbol for the "Hospital Universitario de Cartagena".